A desire, a longing, curiosity or anticipation flows through us when we receive gifts or packages. Beautifully wrapped, so that nothing is damaged. The collective perception is always directed towards what is inside - the packaging is disposed of. The function of the packaging is clear - a temporary state of protection. In the work (un)packing, the focus is on the packaging and its temporary function. This function disappears exactly when the goal has been reached, i.e. the object has been completely unpacked.

Provisional objects made from collected, reused packaging materials, used in a participatory scenario. The new use questions, unsettles and is (un)funny. playful, not defined to the end - an examination of temporary packaging, its philosophical translation and the desire to reveal. Senseless and sensual, protected in a temporary wrapping.Observing, exploring and grasping.The provisionally protected subject - (un)safe.