natural order, 2022 -

natural order is an installation of flowering objects that adapt to their surroundings, following the idea that nature adapts to the space through a blooming gesture and tenderly reclaims what belonged to her. Included is a concept of imperfection and beautiful impermanence, inspired by the japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. In a poetic and fragile way, the flowering objects integrate themselves through particular features of the environment (e.g. tiny holes, cracks, form-language etc.) and grow into different dimensions, merging the surrounding space and the objects as one. These objects are a kind of root for the growth of a new perspective. They consist of found objects, different fabrics and/or thin whenzou paper painted with ink.
The installation itself remains temporary because of its concept. There are no rigid things, so as the visitor walks by, the objects may move with them and adapt to the given movement. They are changeable and have the ability to bend to the environment and playfully fit in.
The idea of not controlling is a fascinating aspect and plays a crucial role in the process of subconscious clarity. Change as a constant.