natural order, 2022

natural order is an installation of objects, adapting to their surrounded space. The objects persue the idea of nature taking over of what was hers through a blooming gesture of paper/found material and contain a certain concept of imperfection and impermanence, inspired by the japanese wabi-sabi-philosophy. In a poetic and fragile way, the blooming objects reintegrate through e.g. tiny holes or cracks and grow into different dimensions, emphasizing flaws of the surrounding space or/and their own. As a result, the flaws are some kind of root for growth of a new perspective.
The blooming objects are made out of found things and/or thin whenzou paper. The paper is painted with ink, soaking up the floor it is painted on, leaving a trace and forms an individual object related to its predecessor with much focus on the process.
The installation itself remains temporary due to its concept. There are almost no rigid things, so if the visitor walks by, the objects might move along and adapt to the given movement.
The idea of not controlling is a fascinating aspect in the subconcious-clarity process. Things change.