Most often, the word "failure" is used in a negative connotation, implying the non-achievement of a desired goal. The final - The desire for perfection blinds us and makes us overlook present things around us. However, what if we turn our attention to those situations where not everything has gone according to plan. Moments when our expectations were not met. Is that okay?

We look at these situations anew and put them in perspective.
“vollkommen in Unordnung” is a german play on words, 
which can be roughly translated: completely in disorder.

A participatory installation that pursues the idea of appreciating one's own failure, looking at it from a new perspective and planting it as a new thought in a monumental spatial object.

Orderly DIN A4 paper, crumpled, reminds us of a rejected idea or a failed situation. At the start it is put in order and gains its disorder by participating people. The bricks lose their actual use and form the basis for the newly planted paper-saplings.